Dealer’s Advantage

  • Global reach, unlimited visitors
  • Standard or premium virtual interactive booths
  • Link to website
  • Link to blog
  • Display of certain number of items
  • Video display for premium stands
  • Download brochure or leaflet
  • Standees or display panels
  • Advertisement and listing in souvenir
  • Chat with customers for premium stands
  • Direct link to booth from virtual lobby for premium stands
  • Golden opportunity to acquire new customers
  • Wide publicity on social media platforms
  • Publicity by advertising in philatelic magazines
  • Pre-exhibition activities, i.e. arranging talks of experts on various aspects of exhibiting
  • No travelling, hotel and transportation cost

Basic Booth   US$ 65    Rs. 5000     

  • Basic Stand Design
  • Profile Display

Standard Booth   US$ 130    Rs. 10000

  • Standard stand design                   
  • Profile display                   
  • One Link                           
  • Download brochure                       
  • Certain no of Items                         
  • Blog link
  • Half-page advertisement in digital exhibition souvenir            

Premium Booth   US$ 260    Rs. 20000

  • Standard stand design
  • Upper position in the dealer’s name index                   
  • Profile display   
  • Direct link to the booth from the virtual lobby for premium stands
  • Two links                         
  • Download brochure                       
  • Display of a certain number of items           
  • Blog link if any                  
  • Chat with customers (during exhibition time)                    
  • Video display
  • Advertisement in the exhibition display section        
  • Full-page advertisement in digital exhibition souvenir 

Terms & Conditions for Dealer Booths

  1. Dealer booths will be made available online within the environ of PHILAVIRTU – 2020 and will be an online offering.
  2. Details of Dealer booth inclusions and technical assistance is available at Please read the same before proceeding to book your booth. 
  3. Dealer booths will be available in two categories Premium and Standard, offered on a first-come basis, and once booked a booth will be blocked for 15 days to facilitate payment. 
  4. Dealer booths can only be booked and paid for through the online booking system.
  5. On receiving confirmation of payment the dealer will be notified of the same and the booth will be confirmed.
  6. Any booth not paid for in full will be made available to others. Any part amount paid towards such booking will be refunded subject to terms and conditions. 
  7. Dealer booths are allotted at the sole discretion of the organisers.
  8. For any matters arising out of PHILAVIRTU – 2020 the Courts in Pune, India will have sole jurisdiction. 
  9. The organisers will not be responsible for any loss of business or any damages of any kind in the eventuality of any disruption of services during PHILAVIRTU – 2020 due to any natural calamities or circumstances beyond the control of the organisers, including but not limited to closure or stoppage of the event,   at either the PHILAVIRTU – 2020 end or the clients end. 
  10. Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice and your booking confirms your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions in totality.
  11. PHILAVIRTU – 2020, is subject to the sole jurisdiction of Pune, India