First Virtual National Philatelic Exhibition with International Participation
10 – 18 October 2020



PHILAVIRTU – 2020, the first Virtual National Philatelic Exhibition with International participation will be held from 10th to 18th October 2020 which will be displayed on

The exhibition is being organized by International Collectors’ Society of Rare Items, Pune (ICSRI) under the Patronage of Philatelic Congress of India (PCI) for the promotion of philately.

It will provide an opportunity for philatelists to participate in the first Virtual National Philatelic Exhibition featuring exhibits exclusively on all aspects of India and Indian states philately and thematic exhibits on any them including Indian theme. PHILAVIRTU – 2020 will be open to four categories of exhibits (Competitive Class, Championship Class, Invitee Class, and Court of Honour). The exhibition will be judged based on the rules and regulations of FIP.


It is proposed to bring out a multi-colour digital exhibition souvenir in PDF format, which will contain articles on various aspects of philately. It will also contain advertisements and a list of participants will also be included in the Souvenir.


It is planned to release Special Cover and Cancellation provided by the Department of Posts, India during the exhibition dates.


Virtual Booths will be provided for dealers to display their profile and items. More information is provided on the website Dealers from all over the world may book the booths.


5.1 Rules and Regulations

The PHILAVIRTU – 2020, all competitive exhibits will be judged as per the FIP rules and regulations, and Special Regulations of PHILAVIRTU – 2020.

5.2 Eligibility

5.2.1 Participation in PHILAVIRTU – 2020 is open to all philatelists.

5.2.2 Championship Class: An exhibit which has received any of the following awards within last 10 years (in or after 2010) will only be eligible for participation in the Championship Class:

(a) Gold Medal in a recognized previous National or

(b) Gold or Large Vermeil in a FIP World or FIP recognized FIAP Asian International Exhibitions. The Exhibits which have received Large Gold Medal or higher awards at FIP/FIAP World/International Exhibitions or Champion of Champions award in any previous recognised National Exhibitions will not be eligible to participate.

5.2.3 Other Competitive Classes: All exhibits which have received any of the following awards within last 10 years (in or after 2010) are eligible for participation in the Competitive Class:

1. A Bronze medal or higher in a FIP / FIAP World or International Exhibition.

2. A Sliver Bronze medal or higher in a recognized previous National Exhibition.

3. A Silver medal in a Circle/State Level exhibition held by Department of Post or the authorised National Body.

(The medals awarded by the recognised National Federation by FIP or FIAP will only be considered)

5.2.4 New Entrants: Applications for deserving new philatelic exhibits may be submitted. Such applications should be recommended by the President of the Philatelic Society. The application in the prescribed form should be accompanied with the appropriate recommendation letter and the introductory sheet.

5.2.5 The entire exhibit must be the bonafide property of the exhibitor and should have been largely owned by him for at least 2 years prior to exhibiting. The submitting of entry form will be deemed to be an implied declaration to this effect and acceptance of all other rules & regulations along with any amendments made hereafter.

5.2.6 The exhibit should be entered under the correct Class and Group. An exhibit considered to be incorrectly entered is liable to be transferred to its appropriate Class and Group if the jury believes that said exhibit will receive a higher award by assigning it to a different class.

5.2.7 Exhibitor can prepare exhibit using any application like MS Word, Corel Draw or Publisher, etc. A scan of the mounted exhibit is preferred. No editing/alteration/modification of scanned item/s in whatsoever manner will be allowed or accepted. Scans of all items must be in their original size and original colour. When displaying the reverse side of an item the image must appear in reduced size (75% or smaller of the original size).

5.2.8 In case of any dispute, the decision of juries and organisers will be final. It cannot be challenged.

5.2.9 All exhibits must be uploaded by 3 October 2020.

5.2.10 The organizers reserve the right to reject/remove any exhibit in whole or in part without assigning any reason (in which case the frame fee will be refunded.)

5.2.11 An exhibitor will be permitted a maximum of 2 multi-frame entries and 4 single frame entry.

5.2.12 Exhibits in Single Frame Class should be based on a narrow subject that is best treated as One Frame. A one frame extract from an award-winning multiple-frame exhibit will not be permitted.

5.2.13 A youth participant will be permitted only one exhibit. All applications in the Youth Class should be accompanied by the proof of date of birth. A maximum of 100 frames will be allotted for the Youth Class.

5.2.14 Multi-frame exhibits must comprise of either 5 or 8 frames. In the case of 8 frames, the exhibit must have received a minimum of Large Vermeil at a recognised National or FIAP/FIAP International exhibition.


There will be a total of about 1000 frames in Competitive Class.

Exhibit Entry Format:

Sheet Size: 1) 23 X 29 cm (A4)     2) 46 x 29 cm (A3)

All exhibit scans must be in JPEG format only. No other format will be accepted. A 300 dpi scan is a must. Please do not send 600 dpi or 1200 dpi scans.

In the case of a sheet size of 23 X 29 cm, file size per page should not be more than 800 kb.

In case of sheet size A3, file size per page should not be more than 1.6MB.

File name should be appropriately given as follows;

For Example: If the exhibit is having 5 frames with exhibit sheet size 23 X 29cm (Total sheets 80)

Exhibit Application No: 100          Name of the Exhibitor: ABC

Main folder name: 100ABC

File names inside 100ABC folder will be:

100 – 1

100 – 2

100 – 3……………. up to 100 – 80

For Example: If the exhibit is having 5 frames with exhibit sheet size 46 x 29 cm (A3) (Total sheets 40)

Main folder name: 100ABC

File names inside 100ABC folder will be:

100 – 1

100 – 2

100 – 3……………. up to 100 – 40


7.1 Invitee Class / Court of Honour (Non-Competitive Class)

Outstanding exhibits of jury members and eminent philatelists will be exhibited by invitation only.

7.2 Competitive Class:

Class 1: Championship Class

Class 2: Traditional Philately

2A India Pre-Independence, including French India & Portuguese India, India Used Abroad

2B Indian Princely States

2C India since Independence

Class 3: Postal History

3 A India Pre Adhesive Period

3 B India Pre-Independence, including French India & Portuguese India, India Used Abroad

3 C Indian Princely States

3 D India since Independence

Class 4: Postal Stationery

4 A India Pre-Independence, including French India & Portuguese India

4 B Indian Princely States

4 C India since Independence

Class 5: Indian Aerophilately/Astrophilately

Class 6: Thematic – Any Theme

Class 7: Indian Maximaphilly

Class 8: Indian Revenues

8 A India

8 B Indian Princely States

Class 9: Indian First Day Covers.

Class 10: Open Class – Restricted to Indian Philately

Class 11: Indian Modern Philately (Philatelic material issued after 1980)

Class 12: Single Frame exhibits – In case of thematic it can be any theme, all other disciplines it should be India and the Indian States philately

12 A Traditional

12 B Postal History

12C Postal Stationery

12 D Aerophilately / Astrophilately

12 E Thematic

12 F Maximaphily

12 G Revenue

Applications for Single Frame exhibits must clearly indicate the applicable sub-class (A to G), as listed above.

Single Frame exhibits will be awarded points, which will be mentioned in the certificate. No medals will be awarded.

Class 13: Youth Class (Completed age as on 01-01-2020) – In case of thematic it can be any theme, all other disciplines it should be India and the Indian States philately

13 A Age for Group A between 10-15 Years

13 B Age for Group B between 16-18 Years

13 C Age for Group C between 19-21 Years


8.1 Exhibitors desirous of participating in the exhibition should apply online on the website

8.2 The Youth Group A & B may apply for 2, 3, or 4 frames and Youth Group C for 3, 4, or 5 frames.


Artworks, essays, proofs, colour trials, progressives, imprimaturs and other materials generated during the course of designing and production of Indian postage stamps, postal stationery, etc. printed in India after independence, any Indian items not officially issued and/or pre-released after independence are banned from being exhibited as an entry or part of an exhibit. Any Item, which does not show the correct International boundaries of India, and/or which offends the religious, ethnic, national integrity, or environmental sentiments will not be allowed. Exhibitors should ensure that no exhibit includes any such material.


10.1 The Participants will be notified regarding the acceptance of entries and the number of frames allotted by 5 September 2020.

10.2 The number of frames allotted may be increased or decreased at the discretion of the AllotmentCommittee without assigning any reason.

10.3 The Allotment Committee, at its sole discretion, may reject any entry, without assigning any reason.


11.1 The applicable participation fees per frame will be as under:

Invitee and Youth Classes – No participation Fee.

Championship Class – US$32 or Rs.2,000

General Competitive Classes – US$14 or Rs. 800

Single Frame Exhibit Class – US$20 or Rs.1,200

For all foreign participants postage US$ 10 extra for shipping the medals & certificate.

11.2 On receipt of the allotment letter the participation fees, should be paid in full on or before 15 September 2020.

11.3 All payments should be made by using payment gateway available on

11.4 No refund will be made for absentee exhibits.


12.1 All exhibits must be uploaded by 3 October 2020


13.1 No liability/responsibility shall be attached either to the organizers of the exhibition or to members of the organizing committee, organising society or its employees or voluntary associates for any loss or damage arising from any cause or reason whatsoever.

13.2 As the exhibits are uploaded on the website which is available in the public domain. Organisers or Organising Committee is not responsible for any copy, photography, videography, or download of the whole exhibit, exhibit pages, or items. Organising Committee cannot prevent the same.

13.3 The organisers will not be responsible for any loss of business or any damages of any kind in the eventuality of any disruption of services during PHILAVIRTU- 2020 due to any natural calamities or circumstances beyond the control of the organisers, including but not limited to closure or stoppage of the event, at either the PHILAVIRTU – 2020 end or the clients end. 

13.4 For all disputes arising in respect of the exhibition, the decision of the organizing committee shall be final and PHILAVIRTU – 2020, is subject to the sole jurisdiction of Pune, India.


14.1 The jury panel will elect its own office bearers and set its own procedures. The jury will have the privilege to consult and take an independent opinion. They shall have the power to withhold any award when in their opinion an entry has not conformed to the exhibition standard or for any other reason. Furthermore, no member of the jury or their family members can participate in any Competitive Class.

14.2 The jury will evaluate the exhibits as per the FIP rules and regulations in the Competitive Class.

14.3 Mark sheet will be provided to all exhibitors.

14.4 The jury will present its report and list of awardees to the organizing committee. The decision of the jury in all cases will be final.

14.5 If in the opinion of the jury any exhibit that does not appear to be the genuine work of the exhibitor, the same may not be given in any award.

14.6 The organizing committee reserve the right to request additional scans of item/s. Exhibitors agree to comply with all such requests. Failure to do so will result in the disqualification of the exhibit. Such disqualification will result in the forfeiture of all frame fees. If requested, exhibitors should make the item available for viewing prior to the jury pronouncement through video call or video meeting. In case if required local authorised person appointed by organisers can verify the exhibit.

14.7 Expert committee members may help jury members if required.

14.8 Sixteen A4 or 8 A3 scanned pages per frame must be provided. An exhibitor providing fewer pages shall not have that exhibit judged.

14.9 The deliberations of the jury are confidential and its decisions, once announced, shall be final and irrevocable.

14.10 Exhibits will be judged on their individual merits and not against other exhibits.

14.11 Jury critique session will be held on 18 October 2020 via virtual meeting.

14.12 Scans of the original copy of expertization certificate/s must be provided. Provision for uploading the same will be provided on the website.

14.13 The Jury will award Large Gold, Gold, Large Vermeil, Vermeil, Large Silver, Silver, Silver- Bronze, Bronze Medals, or a Certificate of Participation.

14.14 In the Championship Class one special “Champion of Champions Award” will be awarded to the winning exhibit, remaining exhibits will be given a medal or a memento.

14.15 “Best in Class” certificates will be issued to one exhibit from each Class (provided there are at least 5 exhibits in said Class).

14.16 There will be “Best Exhibit” awards for each age group of the Youth Class.

14.17 A Certificate of Participation will be given to all the exhibitors.

14.18 Single Frame exhibits will be awarded points that will be mentioned on the certificate. No medals will be awarded.

14.19 Exhibits in the Invitee Class will also be presented with a medal or a memento.

14.20 Special prizes (donated by societies or individuals) will be placed at the disposal of the jury to be awarded at their discretion. No nomination or preference for such award/swill be accepted from the donors, however, the same may be offered for a specific class of exhibits.


15.1 The organizers reserve the right to add, alter, or amend any of these rules anytime without any prior notice.

15.2 The decision of the organizers on all questions concerning the exhibition, other than the decisions of the jury, shall be final.

15.3 In any matter arising from jury decisions, the ruling by the chairman of the jury shall be final and binding.


The submitting of the application form online by the exhibitor on www.philavirtu.comwill be deemed to be exhibitor’s acceptance of these special regulations of PHILAVIRTU – 2020 and all other rules and regulations along with any amendments made hereafter in their entirety.



Pratisaad Neurgaonkar

Secretary, PHILAVIRTU – 2020

+91 9766310553


Last date for filling application form: 31 August 2020

Last date for submitting synopsis and/or Introduction page: 31 August 2020

Allotment Announcement: 5 September 2020

Last date for frame fees payment: 15 September 2020

Last date for uploading exhibits: 3 October 2020

Announcement of results: 17 October 2020

Jury critique session: 18 October 2020